Our Mission

There is so much more to grooming than the haircut

Grooming is an important part of your dogs’ health. Over the years I have learned how to recognize many ailments in dogs from bad teeth to anal gland cancer. Groomers and bathers are touching and looking at every part of your dog and will let you know if something needs attention. I usually recommend having your dog groomed every 6 to 8 weeks this way we can alert you to any changes from grooming to grooming. That is why I prefer to keep the dogs with the same groomer.

Grooming can be dangerous. We use sharp tools and work on a limited surface. I want to create the safest and most pleasant experience I can for your dog. This involves training. We use firm words like ‘No, hold still, stay…,’ every groomer uses their own words or noises to convey the desired effect. When the behavior is corrected the dog is praised. I keep your dog with the same groomer so they can learn the routine and words. This makes your dog more comfortable, they know what to expect each grooming. If you have any concerns about our training practices, please bring them to our attention.

Our tables are against a wall for added safety. We only use cool blades. We use an all-natural, mild shampoo safe for puppies and kittens and we hand dry every dog so they aren’t forgotten in a cage with hot air blowing on them. We massage each dog before we begin clipping to calm the dog and to check for anomalies on the skin or in the coat. We talk to the dogs during the grooming to help keep us both focused on the task at hand.

We only have the best people working with us. Everyone loves dogs and only wants the best for them. At “More Than a Groomer” it’s all about the dog. We won’t torture a dog by brushing out severe mats. We consult with you before the grooming to ask about health issues, what haircut you would like and any particular behavior issues: biting, dog aggression, fear of loud noises, etc. All of this information helps us understand your dog better.